Monday, October 5, 2009

An epic meeting

This past Saturday, my one-eyed Chihuahua (Lucy) met a HUGE yellow lab (Maximus). I think they will be great friends. Thanks to Kyle's dog whispering skills, Max was very well-behaved. The whole family loved him!

Maximus sniffing Lucy out

Cooling off after playing all night long

I was surprised that Lucy got along so well with Max. She has a knack for being a know. But I thought, overall, it was a successful night for all parties involved:)

Fall TV

I have been trying like crazy to keep up to date with the latest fall TV, and thanks to Hulu, this has not proven too difficult for an insomniac like me:) I thought I'd share my opinions and some of the lesser known shows that you, my readers, may be missing. Here goes. In weekly order: cause I am OCD.

Sunday nights:
Family guy: Old Show - New Season
This is an oldie, but a goodie. NOTE TO PARENTS: Don't be fooled by the cartoon nature of this program, it is not for kids. Family Guy takes intellectual jokes and intersects them with absolute absurdity. These are two of my favorite things, so, of course, I enjoy this program. Judge me if you will :)

Monday Nights:
Dancing With The Stars: Old Show - New Season

D-list celebrities + ballroom dancing = hilarity. I know this is supposed to be a serious show, and some of them CAN actually dance. But those are not the entertaining numbers. When Tom DeLay(old as dirt politician) almost breaks his back cause he can't hold up his partner, or when Chuck Lidell (UFC Fighter) looks like a bull trying to tap dance his way through a china closet, that is when this show is at its finest.

How I Met Your Mother: Old Show - New Season
Kinda like "Friends," but with a new age twist. Also a bit more quirky humor and one-liners. It is pretty much a perfect 20something - 30something Monday night comedy a la Neil Patrick Harris.

Heroes: Old Show - New Season

I have to say, I'm overall disappointed with Heroes. I LOVED the first season, after that it got kinda convoluted. New people, new powers, new rules. The same has been true of this season so far. They will have to pull out some pretty big guns in the next episode or they will be with one less viewer.

Accidentally On Purpose: New Show
Jenna Elfman is sooooo charming in this knock-off of "knocked-up". Once you get over the fact that its an unoriginal idea for a show that was taken from a blockbuster film: its a really cute show. The cast is great, and the story line is entertaining. I think this is a really relatable comedy that I'm hoping will last through this strenuous and competitive fall season.

Big Bang Theory: Old Show - New Season*7vKgWHqWLCXa7iz-wX4z/bigbang.jpg
BY FAR my favorite show right now. The stereotypical "dumb blonde" lives across the hall from two nerds who frequently have two other nerds as company. I doesn't sound particularly riveting. However, the quick comedy and fantastic timing of the entire cast makes this a MUST SEE. The character played by Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) delivers the most zingers in the form of blunt fact in a way that only a scholar of physics could. If you are a pop culture geek like me, you will love this show. I guarantee it.

Tuesday Nights:
So You Think You Can Dance: Old Show - New Season
I understand that this show is not for everyone. But if you love music, and you love artistic interpretation: you will enjoy this show. Ok...maybe the auditions are a little hard to sit through. After all, they have to show the bad along with the good. Once they have narrowed it down to the top 20 dancers, though, this show really takes flight. The choreographers really have a knack for marrying the music with specific feelings.

Wednesday Nights:
Glee: New Show
Another show that is centered around music and people who love it. If you don't love music, don't watch it. There are so many wonderful things about this show. It is different, edgy, full of fantastic music, and WONDERFUL stories. I, being a choir nerd, find it especially easy to relate to, since I knew somebody like EVERY SINGLE cast member.

Modern Family: New Show
Three families. One great show. This show has the humor of "Arrested Development" in the interview style of "The Office". The candid shots of family life are more than entertaining, and it is an important representation that in today's world the nuclear family really no longer exists.

Thursday Nights:
Flash Forward: New Show
A great drama from J.J. Abrams (creator of Lost). Much like Lost, there is a mystery (or thousands) to be solved. It seems like this one is going to be another cult favorite with a following to boot. For those of you that are LOST fans, I think this will fill your plate until January 2010.

Community: New Show
Joel McHale, whom you may know from "The Soup" on E!, blazes his comedic timing in this new sitcom about the social circle of community college. Chevy Chase is also hilarious and adds to the crazy amalgamation of characters put into this show. There is something so wonderful about the mixture of people that they have put togethere here.

Friday Nights:
Pretty much nothing. Go out with friends. You do have friends, right?

Saturday Nights:
Football - Probably College


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best Friend Day

Today, after I woke up from what I can oy describe as a day long intermittent nap, Heather came over and we caught up on DVR shows. Dinner was held at Johnny Carinos, because we both needed to indulge ourselves in carbohydrates. We proceded to Market Street for Cupcakes, and, in true best friend fashion, we couldn't decide on a single flavor of cupcake, so we got two boxes. After So You Think You Can Dance, we made it to the media room for movies. It was a perfect best friend night. Full of laughs, random moments of breaking into song, and hoodies. I'll leave you with pictures that I feel will depict the night well:-)

Cupcake toast!


The vastness of the media library at the Braman household

Heather with her eager face and cherry coke zero in the media room. Take notice of the Luke Skywalker in the corner. He's with us.

Monday, September 28, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words

but what if you only had one? ok...some of them aren't ACTUAL words...YET. just you wait. this was probably one of the most fun blogs i've ever compiled. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

if you ever go to should try....

1. ...going with your awesome mom who will get you out of bed at 5 am to hit the slots. The WinStar Hotel was attached to the Casino, which we did not realize until the second day at breakfast. It was pretty much downhill from there.

2. ...wearing sunglasses the size of your entire face. It really blocks out the sun..and the hangover from too many rum and diet cokes from a VERY friendly bartender. Her name was Sheri, and she liked me because I tipped her well. She tipped me too...with rum.

3. ...going to the Cloverleaf in Ardmore, OK. Probably one of the coolest(and most outrageously expensive) places I have ever been. They have antiques that have been made new and trendy. One of those places you go and think to yourself "I could totally make that." But deep down, you know you can't. It takes somebody pretty whacked out to put a naked statue next to a pink wheelbarrow and a old headboard with letters attached to it. Or to string pearls along a chain link fence with an old sign and some freaky doll heads and make it look interesting. Yeah. I'm not that creative.

4. ...taking pictures out in front of all the "landmarks" outside the casino. It really made Mom and me feel like we were on a serious vacation. We saw Big Ben, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, all 2 miles away from the Thackerville truck stop.

5. ...the Hamburger Inn, also in Ardmore, OK. They have pie that will change your life. Its a tiny hamburger place with ONE bar. No other seating. We waited until well after lunchtime to go, because we had heard that there would be a line out the door.

6. ...following a caravan about 2 miles long of OU football buses and OU football fans crossing the OK border. Thank God we weren't trying to go home that day. They all drove like maniacs, and my mom nearly had a nervous breakdown. We were about to find out if some of them really did bleed CRIMSON.

7. of the many flavors of "fried pie" at the ORIGINAL "Fried Pie Co." in Gainesville, TX. It is actually a restaurant. You can have an entire meal of fried pies. They have some with meat and cheese, some with potato, and of course, the standby: coconut.

8. ...getting a DQ Blizzard on your way out of town. They don't have them around us anymore, so we had to.